The Rhombus

by Donald H Roman 03/28/12

A rhombus is a shape that expresses movement without actually moving. When we look at it, We see a rectangle that leans forward implying movement without really moving. When you think about it, the rhombus represents the way people are today.

Mobile communication devices have changed the way we move, stylistically they are reshaping our surroundings. For instance, take the BMW i series pictured above, it’s a car designed to look like its moving even when it’s not… A car designed to suggest movement may not be as innovative from a conceptual standpoint but what about the other elements in our surroundings? What about buildings? Can buildings move? Should they look like they’re moving?

The rhombus is architect Zaha Hadid’s favorite shape whether she realizes it or not. Like BMW i series, her buildings look like they’re moving even though we know they are standing still, and just like BMW, the rhombus is a shape echoed throughout her designs. To bring this full circle, Zaha Hadid is way ahead of the curve. Seriously, her style is culturally and visually relevant to today. Zaha is representing our moment in time. Similar to when we look at drive-ins, gas stations, or garages, which are structures created based on the invention of the car. I believe one day, we will look back at Zaha Hadid’s rhombus shaped architecture and see the emergence of the smart phone, the tablet and the many other communication devices which will help cement this new stylish era.